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Robert HornacekCW 14 Focus

Connect With Robert Hornacek

Robert Hornacek has nearly 20 years of experience as a television news reporter, the vast majority in Northeastern Wisconsin. During his career, he has interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people, from high level politicians, business and religious leaders, to regular people who have been thrust into unbelievable situations. From that experience, Robert created CW 14 Focus in 2011. Robert wanted to find a way to bring more depth and perspective to the important conversations going on in the community. Since its inception, Robert has interviewed more than 100 national, state and local leaders as well as everyday people having extraordinary impacts on their communities. For Robert, the goal of the program is simple: Bring our viewers interesting conversations about important issues and information they won't get anywhere else. Robert strives to not just understand "What" is happening, he is always asking "Why" it's happening.

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