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Meet the finalist, Joan Thiel; Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway

Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway In Partnership With Tundraland
Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway In Partnership With Tundraland

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Joan Thiel of Black Creek is a finalist for the Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway in Partnership with Tundraland.

In a Zoom interview, Thiel shares how the past few months have been for her since the pandemic first began.

“I work for the Appleton School District as a lunch lady, and I’ve been off since the first week of March So I’ve been home since, and I don’t know what’s going to happen with the school year this year, so I’m still waiting to hear about it.”

“I’ve had to work one or two days since school ended to clean and everything. And with the mask it was so hot it was just hard to keep the mask on because I was sweating so much. So I don’t know with this school year, if we have to wear masks all the time, but I’m not happy about wearing a mask. But if we have to, we have to you know, because we don’t want to give it to anybody.”

Effecting social lives and they way everyone does everything has completely changed... Thiel tells us about her precautions for the "new normal."

“We don’t go out at all. And the only thing we’ve done this summer is go canoeing and swimming and bicycle riding that’s about it.” “I avoid Green Bay and Appleton, I just don’t like the big huge stores right now I avoid them.”

But as sunny days lie ahead, Thiel knows exactly what she would have done as the chosen winner of the contest!

“I have a deck but it’s cement so I want to add on so that it would be out in the sun It’d be more room for parties and family get-togethers, and I’d just be happy to have a larger deck!”

Another finalist experiencing their first time contest nominations- Thiel says the news was "flabbergasting."

“I couldn’t believe it because I’ve never won anything on TV before so this is exciting and nervous all at the same time... Just happy that I was picked as a finalist, and it’s exciting.”

Catch the live contest reveal Wednesday, July 29th to see who goes home with a $100 gift card, and who gets the grand prize renovation!