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Sea lion found wandering on highway in Southwestern Washington

Seal found on Highway 4 near Grays River, Wash.{ } on Jan. 6, 2021. (WSP Photo)

GRAYS RIVER, Wash. -- You've heard of a road slug but the item in the road slowing traffic along Highway 4 Wednesday afternoon was just a bit larger...

A sea lion was spotted wandering along the highway just west of Grays River near Hull Creek Road, according to the State Patrol.

"Look who got a little lost on SR 4 near Hull (Creek) Road this morning," Tweeted Trooper Chelsea Hodgson. "It's understandable considering all the extra water everywhere!"

Hodgson said the sea lion eventually returned to the water after its little adventure.

The highway runs adjacent to the Grays River. Perhaps he was a little lost as a few miles west the river turns into the aptly-named Seal Slough.