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Alpaca gives surprise birth at petting zoo

Alpaca Jasmine and her newborn Fondy Parkher at Cristo Rey Ranch in Mount Calvery. (WLUK/Mike Moon)

NEW HOLSTEIN, Wis. (WLUK) -- Staff at a Fond du Lac County petting zoo got quite a surprise earlier this month.

Jasmine the alpaca has called Cristo Rey Ranch near Fond du Lac home for about 10 years. But little did caretakers know, Jasmine was keeping a little secret from them.

"She said, 'Sister! Jasmine is having a baby, and I don't know what to do!' It was her first experience," said Sister Stephen Bloesl of Cristo Rey Ranch. "Of course, for us, it was a real big surprise because we had no intention of breeding her. She's an older girl,."

Jasmine's personality is as fiery as her neck is long. Workers noticed her acting ornery and stubborn, but thought it was just Jasmine being Jasmine.

The only other sign? A little extra baby weight.

"One of our people went out, and they didn't see anything wrong with her except they thought she was looking really good in weight," said Sister Stephen.

By the time Sister Stephen rushed to the petting zoo, Jasmine had already given birth.

“So, when I got to the park, there’s all these people standing around, and there’s the baby.”

The 12-pound baby girl "Fondy Parkher" made her grand entrance Aug. 8.

Bloesl explained the reason behind the name.

“Because she was born in the park, we had to name her something that was related to that.”

Both the overprotective mom and her baby are healthy and doing well back at the ranch.

Although the birth was unexpected, the day ended up being a day “all-packed” with love and surprises.

Jasmine and baby Parkher will be back at the Lakeside Park petting zoo in Fond Du Lac this weekend.

You can see them there until Labor Day, or at Cristo Rey Ranch after that.