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CW 14 60; Ruby Rose steps down as Batwoman

Ruby Rose steps down as the role of Kate Kane and Batwoman after the wrap of the shows first season (The CW/ Elizabeth Morris)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Surprising news for the Arrowverse as Ruby Rose steps down from the role of Batwoman! The announcement comes just days following the wrap of the show’s first season. And now- the search for a new Batwoman is on.

Co-star Camrus Johnson tweeted on the matter, saying they will work hard to give fans an amazing second season that continues to represent the L.G.B.T.Q.A. communities and people of color.

In another tweet Johnson says, “If you thought you saw our A-games before, ooh baby just wait.”

Batwoman’s 2nd season is scheduled to begin January of 2021.

This Tuesday, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs one of its most talked-about episodes. Directed by show co-creator Marc Guggenheim, the crew of the Waverider get trapped in TV shows, including a sci-fi classic.

Trek it out Tuesday night at 8.

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