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PHOTOS | Boom Forest at Mile Of Music 2015

Boom Forest at Fox River House | Mile of Music: Mile 3 | Aug 8th, 2015 | Appleton, WI (WCWF/Jeff Bartel)

Couple of notes about Boom Forest:

-- Not sure quite what happened, but apparently some of the musicians of Boom Forest weren't available for Mile of Music, so members of the band Seryn (specifically the drummer and the bass player, I believe) traveled along from Nashville so the show would still happen.

-- lead singer John Paul Roney co-wrote a song that was featured in the season four premiere of Hart of Dixie:

-- Mr. Roney asked the audience, in the most respectful way I've ever heard a musician ask a crowd, to not talk during the set. I wish I had a clip of it, because it was remarkable

-- Band is from Nashville, lead singer is from Baraboo.

It would appear their website is down, so you can't go wrong by starting with 'em on twitter @boomforest

FOX 11 was proud to sponsor the stage at Fox River House for Mile Of Music: Mile 3!

The Boom Forest show started at 7:20p on Saturday, August 8th, 2015.

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