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Meet the finalist, Debra Caves; Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway

Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway In Partnership With Tundraland
Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway In Partnership With Tundraland

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- As a finalist in the Good Day Wisconsin Home Makeover Giveaway Presented by Tundraland, Debra Caves of Green Bay, is hoping for new windows...

"It would probably make our backroom here a lot warmer. We have old windows and they're kind of leaky. But they're big, they're huge."

The contest winner gets to choose between a bath or shower remodel, a new patio, or Renewal by Andersen windows. In an interview, Caves shares in which ways the ongoing pandemic has affected her and her family.

"I worked in an emergency room, so I didn't really want to go around the grandkids... so me and my husband were kind of kept away from everybody until a couple weeks after I retired. And then we were able to see them again. So it was kind of a long time without seeing the kids."

Caves tells us how her experience was working within an emergency room during the pandemic.

"We had everything set, so if would have hit- if the surge would have hit- we were very well prepared. And we had busy days then we had slower days. So, you just never know."

Caves role in the E.R. was a paramedic, but her job changed based on the needs of the hospital at that time.

"I did a lot of what I did in the field; except for in the emergency room."

Caves says one way her home-life has changed during the pandemic is by not being out and about like they usually are. Speaking on the pandemic, Caves shares the preventative measure she and her family takes.

"I wear my mask, my husband wears (a) mask, my family does, it's... I think it's an important thing for us all to wear our masks when we go out..." Caves continues, "Hopefully everything will change after time, and everybody will get back into what they were doing before."

Tune into Good Day Wisconsin on Wednesday, July 29th for the live contest reveal- and see who wins!