Wrightstown continuing its winning ways

Wrightstown has opened the season with four straight wins. 

WRIGHTSTOWN (WLUK) -- Wrightstown has made the postseason every year since 1995 and this year will be no different as the Tigers are perfect through four weeks.

Wrightstown once again is playing good football, something you can always count on. And the Tigers do it their way, running the ball.

Senior Braydon Smith leads the Tigers with 525 rushing yards and seven TDs as he is being used all over the offense. The former receiver also leads Wrightstown with 12 catches for 253 yards and two TDs.

"I think our seniors have really stepped up," Wrightstown coach Steve Klister said. "We had some returning starters from last year that took it on themselves in the offseason and said we're going to make this kind of a special season and they worked really hard and our offensive line has done a tremendous job coming together."

Wrightstown, ranked No. 8 in the FOX 11 Top 11, has won each of its games by at least 14 points and three of them by at least 23 points. The Tigers have dominated their opponents, but Friday's opponent in the Game Time Game of the Week, No. 6 Fox Valley Lutheran, is also 4-0.

They are the only perfect teams left in the North Eastern Conference, so which team is the team to beat?

"I think FVL, right now, is," Smith said, and then after pausing added, "And us."

While Wrightstown has had success, it knows it hasn't proven much yet, mainly because the strength of its schedule starts climbing this week. FVL will be the first team Wrightstown plays this season that's viewed as a conference title contender.

"We have a stretch of Freedom, Luxemburg-Casco and Little Chute to end the season and so for us to get this win would be really big to get a step up on all those other teams in the conference that we have to face yet," Klister said.

Smith knows the rest of the season the Tigers have to be at their best.

"I think every game is huge, I just think this is a bigger one because they have proven they can beat the higher level of competition in this conference," Smith said. "Most teams in this conference are really good and it's going to be a battle, especially us for the rest of the season because we got Freedom, FVL, Little Chute and Casco still coming up on our schedule. It's going to be a battle."

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