Winter-like weather a headache for spring sports

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The spring sports season has been put on hold because of snow and cold weather.{ }

(WLUK) -- The spring sports season has gotten off to a frigid start, especially after Winter Storm Dan covered the area with close to 10 inches of snow earlier this week.

Contests have been either postponed or cancelled and the only competition that can occur right now are indoor track meets.

Spring always brings inclement weather but a major snowstorm on April 3 really has caused problems for high school sports. Cold and rain are normal, but a snowstorm. That puts the spring sports season in a holding pattern.

"When it's snow, we are 100 percent at the mercy of Mother Nature and the temperature," Bay Port athletics director Brian Matz said. "What we know is that once the snow finally melts the ground has to dry and the temperatures just aren't going to be warm enough for the next seven to 10 days for a whole lot to be happening."

Bay Port was scheduled to host a JV track and field indoor meet on Tuesday, but that was the day Winter Storm Dan hit and the meet was cancelled. An indoor meet cancelled because teams couldn't safely travel to the event site.

"It's late to be having this type of weather, but we had one similar a few years ago," McGinnis said. "It's disheartening a little bit when you're supposed to be at a track meet or supposed to be playing a game and you're inside instead."

With cold weather this weekend and starting next week, it's likely most sporting events will be postponed next week as "drying" weather doesn't seem to be on the horizon. For the athletes, this isn't what they signed up for.

"We want to be playing, but we're just focused on on whatever comes next and whenever the first game comes, we'll be ready," Kimberly junior baseball player John Nett said.

"We got back from spring break and I saw the forecast and saw 11 inches, possibly 11 inches of snow and I was like, that doesn't help for being a track athlete," Appleton North senior Kari Brekke said.

Snow doesn't help any kind of spring athlete but for the near future it's here to stay. While games are not being played, teams are practicing indoors, but it's not the same of being outside.

Most schools had to reschedule every game this past week and next week could be the same and rescheduling a game isn't simple.

"It's quite a bit to reschedule everything," McGinnis said. "There are a lot of pieces for every event you have to reschedule. From buses to umpires to locations to coordinating different scheduled with different schools.

Snow in April. That's not a good thing.

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