Two high school baseball seasons makes no sense


NEW HOLSTEIN (WLUK) -- So, what do you think of having two high school football seasons?

For example, start one in July with select conferences and then the other starts in September with the rest of the conferences in state.

Seems like a bad idea, doesn't it?

It is.

But for some reason the WIAA still has two baseball seasons, spring and summer. The summer season comes to an end Friday at the state tournament at Concordia University, where Kiel is the lone local team among the four schools.

The summer season has 50 schools and no divisions, so Kiel (456 enrollment) will play Marquette (2,148 enrollment) in one semifinal and West Bend West plays Franklin in another with the winners meeting later in the day for the state title.

Meanwhile, the spring state tournament has four divisions, with eight teams in Division 1 and four teams in Divisions 2-4. And the third day of the tournament is championship day. It's a pretty fun day.

If there was one baseball season, Kiel would be slotted in Division 3 where it would stand a better chance to compete at state.

Two seasons makes no sense.

I know American Legion baseball has an impact on this, but this can be figured out.

I asked Kiel coach Brad Mey about having two seasons and he said, "Spring starts when you're still in the gym. You don't get out on the field that often and the first time you do might be your first game. Somehow, if we combine and make it a hybrid season, move it back a few weeks and compete until the end of June that would be something I would be for. I can't predict the future but I hope at some time they can get the teams together."

It would be better if that would happen sooner rather than later. West Bend West is undefeated this season, but what does that mean when it competes in a 50-team field, some of which are not Division 1 schools?

Kimberly won the Division 1 spring title, but didn't have to play West Bend West, Franklin or Marquette. That would have been nice to watch.

Two baseball seasons makes no sense. It's the only sport that has two seasons and there's no reason for that.

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