Supple hoping to give future softball players more opportunity

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Oshkosh North senior Sydney Supple is raising money for a new softball facility. (WLUK)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Oshkosh North's Sydney Supple is one of the best high school softball players in the country but her greatness is not limited to the diamond.

The Spartans senior is giving back as she's raising money for a new softball facility in Oshkosh that she hopes will break ground in August.

Supple grew up with mainly just North's diamond to play and practice on which limited her opportunity locally. A new facility in Oshkosh will enhance youth players' opportunities to develop.

"I see all these little girls come to our games and just around the city and I want those girls to know that you can be from Oshkosh, you can be from any city you can make it somewhere if you dream big and you work hard, you can make it," Supple said. "I just want to inspire them and give them the tools to be able to have that opportunity."

Supple has donated $1,000 to the project, money she received for being named the Wisconsin's Gatorade player of the year. She wants youth players to have every opportunity to make themselves great players.

Supple said she came up with the idea for a new facility after traveling the country and seeing what other parts of the country offer youth players. She feels this will give players a better chance to play at the level Supple, a Northwesterm recruit, plays at.

"I see how many better facilities there are and know we can improve Oshkosh," she said. "I tell every single girl I work with I want them to be better than me, pass me up. I want to come back and I want you to break the records we set here."

This summer Supple and some teammates are holding camps to teach youth players. Supple isn;t giving back just with money but giving her time and the kids love it.

"It's really enjoyable," seventh-grader Lauren Geer said. "They help out a lot and it's really fun. You learn a lot but it's in a fun way."

Fellow seventh-grader Ava Hanson has been inspired by Supple.

"My goal as a player is to play catcher or outfield and make me do something nice like Syd is doing for the city," Hanson said.

Supple has done a lot on the diamond which has made her a high school All-American. What she's doing off the field is no surprise to those who know her.

"Syd is one of the nicest people I know," North sophomore Molie Bittner said. "It doesn't surprise me at all that she would do something like this."

So far $44,000 has been raised and $80,000 is the goal. Supple is confident the goal will be met which will lead to a new softball facility.

When that facility is complete it will be Supple's greatest achievement.

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