Shot clock shot down again

The WIAA Board of Control voted down a recommendation to implement the shot clock for the 2020 state tournaments. (WLUK)

KIMBERLY (WLUK) -- The shot clock has been a hot topic the last 12 months in high school basketball.

Should it be adopted in Wisconsin or is the game fine as it is?

Last year, the WIAA passed the recommendation of a 35-second shot clock to be implemented for the 2019-20 season only to have it reversed when schools throughout the state were not considered in the discussion and opposed the idea, for the most part.

Thursday, the WIAA Board of Control met to consider implementing the shot clock only for 2020 state tournaments. That's it. Not the regular season or regionals or sectionals.

Once again the shot clock was shot down as the Board of Control unanimously voted down the recommendation.

"If the shot clock is going to be implemented it would need to be implemented from the beginning of the season so that teams are playing 22 games in the regular season and can get acclimated to it and continue in the postseason and of course all the way through state," Freedom girls basketball coach Mike Vander Loop said.

The shot clock adoption just for the state tournament would force state-qualifying teams to change strategy on both ends of the floor.

"If you don't have a player who can create one on one, end of the shot clock situations, especially if we're doing it at the state tournament, it's going to be difficult for many teams," Seymour girls basketball coach Bobby Kuchta said. "I don't think you can do it just in the state tournament, not all season and have the kids unprepared."

Players would not mind the addition of the shot clock, but not just for the state tournament.

"If they're going to add it in I think they should do it for all season so girls can get used to it," Kimberly sophomore Maddy Schreiber said. "But other than that I think it would kind of cool because I think the game would be a little more fast paced and no one could stall the ball."

"I would really like the shot clock to try to get the high school game moving faster instead of having to play defense for like a minute or something," Freedom sophomore Callie Genke said. "I think it would help a lot."

For now, though, the game will remain the same.

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