No home games for some Fox Valley Lutheran High School athletes

Fox Valley Lutheran High School damaged football field Tuesday, July 31, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang){ }

APPLETON, Wis. (WLUK) -- Some high school athletes will not have home games this year due to unplayable fields.

Some athletic fields at Fox Valley Lutheran High School were vandalized in March. That's when someone drove a Jeep across two soccer fields and two football fields, causing extensive damage.

The football team will practice on the outfield of the baseball diamond.

Adam Frey, the head football coach for Fox Valley Lutheran High School, said football and soccer players can't practice on the appropriate fields.

"We had to work through some stuff with our soccer team, which they’ll have to end up practicing here too, which we didn’t know about until a week ago, but I think we figured it out," said Frey.

The football team also had to tweak its game schedule. This fall, home games for football will be held at Appleton North, Xavier and Kaukauna.

"We don't wish that for anybody. They've been dealt a rough hand and we're helping in any way we can," said Chris McDaniel, Kaukauna High School activities director.

Fox Valley Lutheran principal Steve Granberg said the damage cost more $260,000. Insurance covered $100,000. School officials are hoping fundraisers can offset some of the balance.

"All four fields have to basically be scraped all the way down and have the subgrade rebuilt and we're going to sod our two competition fields and we're going to seed our two practice fields," Granberg explained.

Granberg hopes the two soccer fields will be repaired by spring. He said the rest of the fields are expected to be complete by fall of next year.

"It's sad that we're losing our home fall seasons for soccer and football but all we can do is make the best of it," said Granberg.

The school is offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible.