Murphy reflects on win No. 600

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Seymour's Jon Murphy is one of six coaches in state history to have won 600 career games. (WLUK)

SEYMOUR (WLUK) -- Jon Murphy joined an elite club on Dec. 27 when he recorded his 600th career win with a victory over Medford.

Murphy isn't one to boast about his accomplishments, but no doubt is proud of what his coaching career has turned into, as he now has a 601-191 record.

"It's says something about my endurance, it says something about prolonged success and I've been fortunate to have a lot of great kids over a lot of years," said Murphy, whose team is 9-0 entering Thursday night's game. "Probably says I enjoy being in the gym and I still enjoy doing it. I started at 23, 33 years later; it's kind of been in a blink of an eye.

"Here I am, 56, in a gym, still doing it with a bunch of kids, loving the experience. Really enjoying this year with my son Riley and his friends, and I've coached that group of seniors since second grade. And my assistant Troy Cornell has had the junior since second grade. So we've all grown up together, we know each other well. It's just been a fun journey."

Despite 33 years of coaching, Murphy doesn't seem to be tired of it. When asked how much longer he plans on coaching, he leaves it open-ended.

"I feel like I'm always going to be in a gym somewhere with some kids," Murphy said. "I don't know if I'm going to be coaching varsity basketball, but at this point you just take it one year at a time and as long as I'm having fun, I might continue for a bit."

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