Menasha ready to turn the tables on West De Pere in Level 3

West De Pere beat Menasha 56-42 in tWeek 6 of the regular season. (Doug Ritchay/WLUK)

MENASHA (WLUK) -- For the most part, no team has been able to stop the Menasha offense this season.

The Bluejays average 37.5 points per game and in nine of 11 games they have scored at least 30 points. That includes a Week 6 game at West De Pere when Menasha scored 42 points.

Problem was, the Phantoms scored 56.

The teams meet again Friday in a Level 3 playoff game and the Bluejays aren't worried about what happened more than one month ago.

"We don't look back at that game, but after the game we went back and picked apart what went wrong and did right; little things we can improve on," quarterback Cole Popp said.

And after looking back at the film Menasha has won four straight games to reach Level 3 for the first time since 2014, when it win the Division 2 state title. Despite heading back to West De Pere, Menasha is confident it can turn the tables on the Phantoms this time around.

"(We're) very confident," Popp said. "When we play well as a team, we have each other's back. If one person messes up we just go to the next play. That's our thing. If we fail, we don't fear that, we just get up and go to the next play."

"We like to think that our kids think they can win every game that they go into," coach Jeramie Korth said. "It's our job as coaches to get them into that position. Build that confidence shield up and make sure that they understand that we're going to hopefully put them into position ton win a football game."

And Menasha is one of eight teams still playing in Division 3 and one of 56 left in the state in 11-man football. To be playing at this time of the season is not lost on Korth.

"We get to play football and that's what I think it is, not taking it for granted and making sure that you understand that this is fun," he said. "It doesn't matter what the elements are. The opposite would be sitting at home doing nothing right now."

"I love it," Popp said of playing in Level 3. "I love the weather. I love the environment, just being out here with the guys, I cherish it.

"We're all very excited, the team is excited, the coaches are excited. Just going to be a fun game all around and I always have fun playing them."

Sounds like the Bluejays are excited for the rematch.

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