McCabe says he didn't exceed expectations in high school

Jordan McCabe led Kaukauna to two state titles in three seasons. (Doug Ritchay/WLUK)

KAUKAUNA (WLUK) -- Jordan McCabe did just about everything possible during his high school career, winning two state titles, being named Mr. Basketball and ending up No. 6 on the state's all-time scoring list with 2,442 points.

However, if you know McCabe at all, you know it's never enough. His tireless work ethic has made him one of the best players Northeast Wisconsin has ever seen.

The West Virginia recruit recently took time to talk about his career and said he did not exceed expectations.

"For me no, I wanted to win four gold balls, I got two," McCabe said. "In that sense, I don't think I exceeded. My career's been awesome, but at the same time there's always room for improvement. I'll look back on it and never forget some of the memories made."

McCabe is electric on the court and he and his Kaukauna teammates generally sell out any high school gym/fieldhouse they play in. He plays with a swagger, a cockiness at times, which can have people come to the wrong conclusion about McCabe, who believes he is misunderstood at times.

"I read all the Tweets, even after the state tournament there was a lot of support, there were a lot of people that say that McCabe kid, he's cocky as heck and all this stuff," he said. "That's, I think a big misunderstanding, the personality I am on the court is a lot different than then person I am off the court. I try to keep it the same, I'm a light-hearted kid, I like to have fun.

"Simply worded, the biggest misunderstanding is that my personality is one based around arrogance. I try to stay as humble and grounded as I possibly can, I really do."

Not everyone buys into that as he always is a target of heckling. He has heard it all."

"It might have been Appleton North singing Happy Birthday to me at the the free-throw line and they would really emphasize the how old are you part at the end of the birthday song," McCabe said. "Appleton North also said, I remember, it was my freshman year, or no it was my sophomore year, after I had already gotten a few Division I offers, they would keep screaming, 'You're D3 at best.'

"It's funny stuff and I have no problem interacting with opposing student sections but outside of that you get a lot of 'super seniors'."

One of McCabe's best moments this season may have come after beating Nicolet in a sectional final. A female fan ran up to him to congratulate him and he handed her his sectional final medal.

"If the greatest thing I do on this earth is play the game of basketball, I'm not doing enough," McCabe said. "Little things like that, I saw an opportunity. I know Taya real well. She says I'm her boyfriend on a day-to-day basis or it's like some celebrity like Nick Jonas. She tells me every single day whether that changes.

"Taya has always been there for me, she supports me. She comes up crying, I have this medal in my hand. I'm like, man, I don't need this. I'm not a real materialistic person. She might not have even cared. It was just a gesture to her that I appreciate her."

McCabe has graduated from Kaukauna already and will start classes May 14 at West Virginia. He believes college is not his last stop in his career. He has dreams, like most in his position to be playing one day in the NBA.

"My plan is to be playing professional, that's the goal," he said. "I think West Virginia has a very capable and willing staff that can get their players to that level, but obviously it's a two-way street. They're going to help you, you got to help yourself. I'm ready to help myself and get to that point and hopefully I'll be playing for an associated team in the NBA."

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