Lourdes looking forward to rematch with Randolph

Lourdes Academy
Lourdes Academy hosts Randolph in Thursday's final game of the season. (WLUK)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Lourdes Academy was practicing for its final game of the season on Wednesday, but it wasn't practicing for the opponent it was originally scheduled to play against.

That's because a couple hours earlier Reedsville had to cancel its Level 2 playoff matchup Thursday night with the Knights due to COVID-19 concerns.

"This is our first time canceling an opponent and finding out we're playing somebody else, like the day of, or the day before," senior quarterback Joshua Bauer said. "We try to stay as prepared as possible. Whatever happens, happens. We try to control what we control.

Lourdes Academy will now host conference rival Randolph, a team it beat 17-14 earlier in the season. The Knights might have been able to find a "lesser" opponent but they wanted a rematch, even with winning earlier.

"We know it's going to be a good football game, we know it's going to be a lot of fun," assistant coach Paul Behnke said. "We love playing conference teams. And there's the basketball rivalry with us and Randolph that's been going on for years."

If Lourdes beats Randolph on Thursday it would be a landmark win for the program. The Knights would finish the season at 9-0 and that would mark the first time in program history a team has gone undefeated and that would mean a lot.

"That's what Coach Behnke has been preaching the whole season is to be the first team to go undefeated so that's what we've been looking forward to and we're excited," Bauer said.

"We had a WISAA state championship in '72 but that team wasn't undefeated," Behnke said. "I think this is the best team to ever play at Lourdes and if they win (Thursday) they prove it; 9-0 in 2020 with the schedule we played."

One more win and that will be hard to dispute.

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