Appleton North's offense has been scoring at a high clip

Appleton North has scored at least 42 points in each playoff game.

APPLETON (WLUK) -- As Appleton North enters its Friday night Level 4 game against Kimberly, it couldn't feel better about how its offense is playing.

The Lightning has scored at least 42 points in each of its three playoff wins, including 49 in Level 3 at Bay Port.

That's partly why North believes it can beat Kimberly and end the state's longest winning streak at 68 games.

"I think this year's offense is pretty dynamic," said running back Will Stewart, who has 1,159 yards and 17 touchdowns. "It starts up front with the big boys up there. They take care of business and then me and Ian (Laatsch) can bust through a hole. If they want to stop us to leave Adam (Zeratsky) and Jack (Van Ekeren) for Carter (Robinson) to just throw it down field. We're very versatile this year."

In addition to Stewart, Laatsch has 725 rushing yards and 11 TDs, while Zeratsky has 55 catches for 1,027 yards and 10 TDs, while Van Ekeren has 52 catches for 506 yards and three TDs. Meanwhile, Robinson has thrown for 1,936 yards with 16 TDs and two interceptions.

"As a defensive guy. going against them in practice, they have great balance," North coach Rob Salm said. "You can't say, 'Let's take away this part, let's take away that part.' The offensive line's, if not the best we've ever had, it's one of the best we've ever had here at North.

"You have a quarterback that's playing at a high level with Zeratsky, Jack Van Ekeren is a very nice receiver, Ryan Balck kind of that guy that does blocking and catching the ball out of the back field, some good tight ends. It's the best balance we've ever had so that makes it difficult for a defense to defend you.

"I think that's what\'s made us successful and I'm hoping they stay with that streak of scoring over 40 points . That will give us a good shot."

Stewart enjoys terrorizing defenses, but how would he defend his team's offense?

"Feel it's a difficult task at hand,' he said. "Pick and choose what you want to do. I think you try to stop the run, the pass is open. You stop the pass, the run obviously open. I think it's pretty dynamic."

Be dynamic on Friday night and the Lightning just might reach the state championship game.

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