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PHOTOS | The Treasures at Mile Of Music 2014

The Treasures at The Bar on the Avenue | Mile of Music: Mile 2 | Aug 8th, 2014 | Appleton, WI (WCWF/Jeff Bartel)

CW 14 was proud to sponsor the stage at The Bar On The Avenue for Mile Of Music: Mile 2!

The Treasures set started at 9p on Friday, August 8th, 2014.

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Notes for this show

I believe The Farewell Circuit was originally scheduled to play, but there must have been a schedule swap and the Treasures got the spot instead.

My post to the CW 14 facebook page: "Incredible harmonies!""

Notes for all Mile Of Music: Mile 2 photo galleries

2014 is the first year CW 14 sponsored the Bar On The Avenue stage at Mile of Music.

I was there at the Bar for as many shows as I could - but I didn't make all of them. I wasn't there for Thursday's shows: the Thriftones or the Lately. I wasn't there for Friday's opening acts.

The first act I saw at Mile of Music was Stükenberg. I didn't take any photos from that show - but, it was such a dynamic, amazing performance that it inspired me to start taking photos.

CW 14 has sponsored the stage at the Bar at the Avenue ever since, and since then I've created a photo gallery for every show I've attended.

I shot all of these photos using an iphone. I'm not a professional photographer, and I'm well aware that someone with better skills and equipment could have produced higher quality images.

That said, I did my best to capture the spirit of the performance; to get a good picture of each member of the band; to document the moment.

On a technical note - these photos had been posted to a previous version of, but were lost when we switched platforms. I'm glad to get these pictures back on the web for folks to enjoy.