Tennessee doctor delivers baby on Halloween dressed in Joker costume

Doctor Delivers baby in costume.png
A Tennessee doctor dressed in his Halloween costume delivers a couple's baby on Halloween. PHOTO COURTESY: Justin Selph{ }

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A Tennessee girl will forever have a story to tell after she was delivered by a doctor dressed as the Joker on Halloween.

Waverly residents Justin and Brittany Selph expected to deliver their new child on November 5th, but woke up on Halloween morning to find baby Oaklyn Saige wasn't ready to wait that long.

So, the family packed up and went to Henry County Medical Center where they met with Dr. Paul Locus, the family obstetrician.

Dr. Locus wasn't in your typical delivery gown though, he was still dressed in his Halloween costume after rushing from home to the hospital. Justin Selph says Dr. Locus asked the family if he should change, but they opted to have the doc stay in costume for the delivery.

Selph even took to Facebook Live and knew it would be a story to tell, but even he has been surprised by how viral it has become. "Oh, it's crazy! It's been crazy with all the messages and calls. Never thought it would go so viral!"

Selph also shared high-praise for the doctor's willingness to go along with the delivery and creating a memory his daughter will forever remember. "This has obviously been an experience that we will never forget, and will be retold many times over! Our daughter will hopefully one day, be able to enjoy such a story that has circulated around the world in such a short time. We appreciate Dr. Locus being the great Dr and man that he is, for giving us an unforgettable experience!"

Some friends of Selph had their own delivery recently and decided to have fun with Justin's experience. Friends Jason and Stephanie Sullivan recently welcomed a litter of puppies, so Jason dressed up as the Joker for his own recreation. In a text to Justin, Sarah Sullivan sent the following caption and picture: "The Sullivans have a birth announcement to make...our sweet Sadie had a litter of 12 puppies today!!! We are proud!! Delivery assistant was Coach Joker."