Snowy owl spotted in Oconto

A snowy owl perches on rocks at Breakwater Point Park in Oconto Nov. 24, 2019.
A snowy owl perches on rocks at Oconto Breakwater Park Nov. 24, 2019. (Photo submitted by Jim Malueg)

(WLUK) -- A winter visitor has been spotted in Northeast Wisconsin.

Jim shared several photos of a snowy owl perched at Oconto Breakwater Park on Sunday.

Snowy owls, native to the Arctic Circle, have been visiting Wisconsin during recent winters. The birds' trips south of the U.S.-Canada border are called "irruptions."

If you see any snowy owls this winter, you can share a photo or video with us here:

For tips on viewing and reporting snowy owls, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' website.