Sister Bay Cherry Drop preview in Door County

Cherry drop site in Sister Bay on December 26, 2018.jpg
Cherry Drop site in Sister Bay, December 26, 2018 (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

SISTER BAY (WLUK) -- New Year's Eve celebrations are just five days away.

Many communities are putting on the finishing touches, including this year's Cherry Drop, in Sister Bay in Door County.

In the final moments of New Year's Eve 2017, a 300-pound red cherry descends into the frigid air to ring in 2018.

"We sort of take a cue from what happens in that other city, New York City. We decided instead of a ball, we'd drop a cherry," said Louise Howson, Sister Bay Advancement Association Community Coordinator.

Howson says the very first Cherry Drop was a success.

"It is so fun, and only in Sister Bay. We try to put a little twist on everything we do," she said.

And there are new things to experience this New Year's Eve. The event is expanding to three days. Ice sculptures will adorn main street storefronts. Cherry drop gear will be available and you can get your picture taken at the Cherry Drop Photo Booth. Husby's Food & Spirits will host the landing.

"We'll have plenty of heaters down there, and we got covered tents. So there will be plenty of areas to enjoy the cherry drop this year," said Chris Janisse, Husby's Food & Spirits Assistant General Manager.

Across the street, Sister Bay Bowl will hand out hats and horns, all from the comfort of the new V.I.P. room.

"Which will be a great view. It will give you some privacy. You can set your coat down, have your own table, have a group there," said Paula Anschutz, Sister Bay Bowl General Manager.

The popular 8 p.m. fireworks show returns to the Sister Bay Sports Complex as well.

"Hopefully we end the year having fun and start off the new year, looking forward to another great year," said Howson.

About 1,300 people are expected to attend the three-day event.

This year's cherry ball is scheduled to be installed atop the 200-foot crane on Sunday afternoon.