Rocket sled to go for world speed record at Manawa Snodeo

The Arctic Arrow races on ice.
The Arctic Arrow races on ice. (WCCO/CNN)

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/CNN) -- A Minnesota man has a rocket-powered goal. He wants to be the world's fastest man on ice. And he’s going to try for the record in a few weeks in Northeast Wisconsin.

"I want to break the current world record of 247 miles an hour on ice," Kurt Anderson said.

Since he was a kid, Anderson had a mind for mechanics and a need for speed.

"You know I've always been a mechanical person, so growing up I had mini bikes and raced dirt bikes," he said.

Now, his shop he calls Area 52 is filled with race cars and rockets, including his Arctic Arrow, a sled he hopes will break a 39-year-old world speed record, giving him the maximum G-force of a fighter pilot.

"Probably around a 9, but I've got counter measures so that I don't black out," Anderson said.

Anderson will make his speed attempt at the Snodeo in Manawa. On Sunday, Feb. 16, he'll launch several runs down the frozen Bear Lake.

Instead of burning fuel, the rocket uses hydrogen peroxide.

"It's a process called decomposition and it literally turns into steam, high-pressured steam," Anderson said.

In 2017, Anderson's record attempt in Sweden crashed.

His Rocketboys team has since fixed any design flaws, now giving him the confidence try it again.

"I love racing, you know, trying to accomplish something, so I'm excited about it," Anderson said.

And quite possibly, becoming the fastest thing on ice.