Missing donkeys reunite with owners in Winnebago Co.

Donkeys of Winchester Monday, October 22, 2018. (WUK/Pafoua Yang){ }

WINCHESTER, Wis. (WLUK) -- Three missing donkeys are now back home in Winnebago County.

The animals were found wandering near the town of Winchester Monday morning.

Janet Anderson and her husband Gary have been raising the donkeys for 25 years. Their names are Puff, Sunshine and Randy.

While the Andersons were sound asleep Monday morning, the group of donkeys decided to sneak out and explore.

Janet Anderson told FOX 11 one of the donkeys, Sunrise, is 29 years old. She said Sunrise is the curious donkey that probably took the lead in getting the other two out.

"Sounds like the gate wasn't properly secured so donkeys escaped," said Lt. Steve Brewer with the Winnebago Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Officers found the group about two miles away from home on the intersection of highways II and M. Deputies were able to corral the donkeys out of the road for safety.

"Whenever there’s livestock on the road it can be a danger, especially in the morning, it's dark outside and you’re driving along you can’t see the cattle or whatever’s in the roadway, if you hit it can cause injury," Brewer said.

Officers knocked on several doors to find the owners but had no luck, until the news hit social media.

"Our neighbors next door said 'I saw your donkeys on Facebook,'" said Janet.

The couple never thought their missing donkeys would bring so much attention with more than 430 Facebook shares off of one post.

"Donkeys are kind of rare, we get a lot of calls of cattle and horses in the roadway," said Brewer.

The Andersons say after reuniting with the little explorers, they had a pleasant walk back home.

"They were being very lovely, very obedient, nice and gentle, everybody was enjoying petting them," said Anderson.

The couple says they also have the donkeys up for sale. If you are interested you can email Gary and Janet Anderson at