Kids line the streets for teacher parade: 'I'm glad that they care for us'

parade Stansbury Elementary Parade teacher (2).png
Kids line streets for teacher parade. (KUTV)

Children in rural Weber County on Friday filled front yards for a glimpse at the teachers they haven’t seen in a while.

Most Utah children have been out of school for two weeks because of steps the state has taken to limit the coronavirus.

But ten days into the no-school policy teachers at West Weber Elementary decided they needed to see their students.

The teachers spent hours driving around to nearly a dozen neighborhoods. Multiple teachers said they saw about ten to 20 of their students.

Third-grade teacher Cathy Wall, who flew a smiley face flag out her sunroof, said:

It was just so good to see them today.

Lots of teachers decorated their vehicles and the long line of vehicles had a police escort — lights and sirens summoning children.

“It’s really cool and I’m glad that they care for us,” said sixth-grader Codey Arnell.