'He got me good in the knee:' Victim of 'ding-dong ditch' stabbing speaks out

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A Snohomish County, Wash. man was stabbed in what appears to be a prank gone wrong. (KOMO)

SNOHOMISH, Wash. - For the first time, we're hearing from the Snohomish County man who was stabbed in what appears to be a prank gone wrong.

On Monday, a judge set bail for the two 14-year-olds who were arrested in the recent stabbing.

"He got me good in the knee joint here and up under my armpit there," said Jeff Adams, standing in his Snohomish front yard.

The Boeing employee said he is home recovering for a week from his two stab wounds.

Police responded to the incident Thursday night in front of Adams Snohomish home.

Officers described it beginning as a game of ding dong ditch where someone knocks on the door and runs.

But, Adams said it was no prank.

"They said they were here for my guns in that sense I feel like we were targeted," he said.

Adams, 47, said the two teens in front of his house are known to his son.

He insisted his son wants nothing to do with them and he thinks that's part of why they showed up outside his home.

He said he heard a knock on his door Thursday night, answered, but no one was there.

He went into another room and came back to the door because he had 'a bad feeling'.

He looked out the peep hole and saw a teen approaching.

Adams said he opened the door and asked what the teen wanted, then proceeded to walk him off the porch.

"He's backing up and I’m making sure he's backing up," said Adams, standing near the spot on the sidewalk and curb where he said he was stabbed in front of his home. "It wouldn't have happened if he didn't raise his knife up at me."

He said once he saw the knife he went into self-defense mode.

"That's when I grabbed the bike off the ground threw it on top of him and started hitting him, it was my self-defense," said Adams.

But in court Monday, the teen's attorney questioned whether there was enough probable cause for his arrest, telling the judge it appeared to him the teen was acting in self-defense based on the police report.

In court paperwork, the other 14-year-old said he didn't witness the stabbing, he told deputies he was initially across the street when the other teen approached the house.

He said during the incident he grabbed another bike and hit Adams with it so his friend could get away.

They took off, but police arrested them a short time later.

A judge found probable cause for their arrests and set bail for both teens at $250.

"They are the ones who came to my door and came to me and approached me and said what they said," said Adams.

In court documents - a detective said he was told the victim's son and another teen had some sort of altercation recently, but there were no other details.

The Snohomish County Prosecutor's office has until 4:30 p.m. Tuesday to file charges.