Fans take to social media following Packers' shocking win against the Bears

Packers fans
Packers fans. September 10th, 2018 (WLUK/Amber Luckett)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- There was a lot of excitement and in some cases disbelief by Sunday night's win, but some of the best reactions were from the fans on social media.

Zach Zeitler, a Packers fan from New Jersey, said he was speechless after seeing the game, and described it as the best he'd ever seen.

'"Last night was honestly the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life. Coming from Jersey to see this was amazing and unreal," said Zeitler.

With the Packers down most of the game, and Aaron Rodgers leaving with a leg injury, Cory Nimtz, another fan, from Indiana, said he didn't think a win for the Green and Gold was possible.

"Jaw dropping, I was very upset and when Rodgers was out I was so upset and I thought it was over," said Nimtz.

After the shocking comeback and a crazy performance by Aaron Rodgers, many fans took to social media to expressing their excitement. Some of the memes posted called Aaron Rodgers a go and others used old tweets from the Bears' starting quarterback.

"I'm loving the old Trubisky tweets because they are so funny and he is on the Bears. He's rooting for the Packers in one of them and there's another that says Aaron Rodgers is the man," said Zeitler.

The use of social media is something Phil Clampitt, a social media professor at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, said is becoming more common and gives fans the chance to share these emotions with more than the people around them.

"It was a meme-rich environment. First, it's a big rivalry so you have the Packers vs the Bears, then Aaron Rodgers is hurt so you have the Packers-can-beat-them-on-one-leg memes, and third it was a big, high-profile national game," said Clampitt. "It's a huge amplification device. If you've even been to Lambeau after a game, its 'Go Pack Go,' and this extends this into a virtual realm," he said.

The next game is against the Minnesota Vikings, which is another huge rivalry for the Packers.

Here are just a few of the social media posts taking on the QB's personal hashtag, #AaronRodgers.