2018 Wisconsin Cow of the Year is from Calumet County

2018 Cow of the Year Wednesday, September 19, 2018. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang){ }

SHERWOOD, Wis. (WLUK) -- A Sherwood cow is Wisconsin's Cow of the Year.

Her name is Hilrose Advent Anna-Red, or just Anna for short.

"She’s a cow that kind of excites us to get up and come to the farm every day," said Jeff Brantmeier, Hilrose Holsteins co-owner.

The 8-year-old already has a long list of honors. She's made it to the World Dairy Expo three times. She took second place twice in a row.

"It's the biggest dairy show in North America. You have breeders from Canada, people across the U.S. They bring their cattle and compete with the best," explained Brantmeier.

Anna will be headed there a fourth time.

"A committee selected Anna from a group of cows," Brantmeier said. "They chose her to be the Cow of the Year."

Qualifications for Cow of the Year include being home bred, born and live in Wisconsin, and excel in milk production. In this case, Anna had to have produced over 125,000 pounds of milk. Last month, that number went up to 220,000 pounds of milk.

"It's a combination of things: good genetics, need good background, takes careful sire selection, bulls you choose to mate this cow, depending on what you want to breed for, depending on what you go for," explained Brantmeier.

"We always say it's a cattle business but it’s really a people business," said Joe Brantmeier, the owner of Hilrose Holsteins.

Joe started competing cows in the mid-1950s. He told FOX 11 the family farm is nearly 100 years old.

"It’s a hobby but it’s also an advertising technique," said Joe.

Joe also said awards go well beyond business recognition.

"It's kind of like a culmination of a lifetime of handwork, not only for me but my dad and my mom and our whole family."

The Cow of the Year award will be presented to the Brantmeier family at the World Dairy Expo Center in Madison next month.