2 'brothers' of Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila charged after bringing guns to Christmas concert

Ryan Desmith (L) and Jordan Salmi (R). (Photos courtesy Brown Co.Jail){ }

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Two men are each facing three separate charges after a criminal complaint reveals they went armed to a church Christmas concert, in Green Bay, last Tuesday evening.

Green Bay police officers were called to Assembly of God Church around 6:15 p.m.

A Christmas concert was being held at the church by students from a Green Bay christian school.

When officers went inside the church, they talked to the school director who told them two men, later identified as 22-year-old Ryan Desmith and 24-year-old Jordan Salmi, were not affiliated with church and asked to leave three separate times.

The complaint describes Desmith and Salmi as "followers" of former Packers defensive end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (KGB).

The complaint said the school director told police Gbaja-Biamila and his followers make YouTube videos and have sent threatening messages to him and the school. The director went on to say he believes the two followers inside the church possibly saw the videos posted earlier that day.

The director said Gbaja-Biamila has children who were part of the concert at the church and told police KGB does not agree with his children being part of the religion and, according to the complaint, harassed the church.

The complaint says officers told Desmith and Salmi to leave but Salmi refused. Once the two men were taken out of the church and placed into the back of patrol cars, Gbaja-Biamila showed up and appeared upset his "brothers" were arrested.

The complaint went on to say:

Kabeer first stated he was here to watch the show and his "brothers" were saving him seats, although he was wearing sweatpants. When I asked him if his children were currently inside the church, he stated they are not children, they are his "property" and that he would be getting his "property" and leaving. Ron stated he had court paperwork at the school down the road and would go get it. According to the paperwork, Kabeer and the children's mother have 50/50 custody, however; Ron said Kabeer hasn't seen his children in about two years and the judge said if the children are already attending this school and practicing this religion, they will stay in it. Kabeer argued with officers for a long time. He said he would leave the property, but he needed his "brothers" to come with him. I told him that if we could properly identify the two males, which I would need his help with because the two wouldn't talk to police, then I could consider releasing them. Kabeer walked over to the squad car and was also on the phone with another male who was ahead of him. Kabeer said John Doe could provide his name, which he did as "Ryan D Smith". I asked Ryan what his birth date was. Kabeer stated they don't use birth dates and that I would just have to understand this as part of their religion. I told Kabeer that a birthday was an essential part of me properly identifying John Doe. I also spoke with the male on the phone, who seemed to be a leader of some sort. The male, Kabeer, and the police, went in circles, and it was decided that the two males would just be going to jail on their charges and we would not be waiting around to see if information could be provided to us. At this time, Kabeer was ending his phone call with the "leader" and had made at least 2-3 strong target glances at Sgt Denney's duty weapon. Sgt Denny was going to place Kabeer in handcuffs for all of our safety, as we didn't know his intentions of those glances. Once officers grabbed his arms, Kabeer became very argumentative with officers. He believed he did nothing wrong and this was happening because he was a black man. Sgt Denney stated Kabeer's choice was to get in his vehicle and leave immediately, or he would be jailed as well. Kabeer, after a few more minutes of arguing, got into his vehicle and left.

The complaint says police searched both men. Some of the items found were a semi-automatic pistol, a knife that was nine inches total with a 4.5 inch blade, and an extra magazine.

Neither had a valid carrying a concealed weapon permit, according to the complaint.

KGB posted several videos to YouTube explaining that he directed the two men to record the Christmas show.

He did not say what he planned to do with the video but added he wanted to record it because he objected to his two sons from participating in the Christmas program.

Both men were charged with carrying a concealed weapon, obstructing an officer, and disorderly conduct. They are expected to be in court next month.

KGB was not charged in the case.