See Mile of Music from an artist's perspective

See Mile of Music from an artist's perspective
Sunny War practicing performing for Mile of Music's opening day. August 1, 2019. (WLUK/Sierra Trojan)

APPLETON, Wis. (WLUK) -- Mile of Music year seven is officially underway. It's bringing more than 900 free performances to Appleton through the weekend.

FOX 11's Sierra Trojan followed Los Angeles-based musician Sunny War around Mile of Music for the day.

"I'll get really nervous. I think I feel most comfortable in either a coffee shop or a bar," Sunny War said.

Sunny War started her day by making changes to her set list. With changes come even more practice.

The folk-punk musician has been performing for 15 years.

"It's new for me to be touring so much," she said.

She's used to moving around.

"I feel like I've never actually lived anywhere," so the places her tours take her feel like home.

"People in Wisconsin are nicer than a lot of people," Sunny War said.

With the state's hospitality in mind, Sunny War took to a Wisconsin stage for the first time. Whether she's playing in front of five people or 100 people, she likes to be personable with her audience.

After a 50 minute performance, she chatted with some fans and signed autographs.

Sunny War said getting to this Mile of Music stage took work... and music has been a focal point of her life.

"I was a drug addict and I was a criminal. The only positive people I met in my life were through music. It just gave me a place to shift my energy," Sunny War said.

She said she thinks Mile of Music is unique because every artist is only playing original songs.

And as for her first Wisconsin audience, "It feels more like people really want to listen."

She has some words of advice for aspiring artists.

"Anyone who wants to play music, don't be afraid to go play on the street. Starting out play anywhere. It doesn't matter. Just play," Sunny War said.

The festival will be going on all weekend and will wrap up Sunday evening.

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