Movie made in Fox Valley headed to the big screen

Bucky and the squirrels.jpg
"Bucky and the Squirrels" director{ }Allan Katz (L) and actress Jill Lover (R). (WLUK/Tim Flanigan)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- What happens when Hollywood and Appleton collide? A movie is made.

Released Friday, "Bucky and the Squirrels," is about a musical group that disappeared in the Swiss Alps. Fast-forward 50 years and the band is back, thawed, and in a little bit of trouble.

Eh, make that big trouble if you consider owing half a century of back taxes to the IRS.

To get out of debt, the band has to put on a show.

"It's a PG rated film and it's just silly," said Allan Katz.

Katz, the writer and director of the the movie talked to FOX 11.

"It was made, essentially, for young people because we wanted to attract an audience that would find out about Lawrence University. Then, as we started to do the movie we realized a lot more people would enjoy it and be interested in it," Katz said.

A majority of "Bucky and the Squirrels" was filmed in the Fox Valley and on the campus of Lawrence University.

"I love the campus. It was just amazing to me that I hadn't heard that it was the second oldest co-educational college/university in the country. It's just like a well kept secret," Katz said.

Katz talents include... executive producer of Blossom and Roseanne episodes. Katz was also a writer for "M.A.S.H." and the "Mary Tyler More Show."

As for "Bucky and the Squirrels," Katz offers his take on how the movie sets itself apart from his past work.

"There's a story arc and so it was different in that you had to do that, you had to introduce characters that people hadn't seen before and you had to do a whole back story," he said.

Green Bay native and Lawrence University graduate Jill Lover plays a doctor in the movie.

"She's one of the doctors that's preparing for something that, who would've thought that acutally happened, the defrosting of human beings," said Jill Lover.

She enjoyed being back on campus and Katz had this to say about his time spent making the movie in the Fox Valley.

"Nobody was asking for anything, they were available, they were interested, they were fun," Katz said.