GBCT brings the laughs in 'Thanksgiving on Serendipity Lane'

(Photo: Denise Markowski, Green Bay Community Theater) GBCT brings the family dysfunction front and center in the comedy "Thanksgiving on Serendipity Lane."

Green Bay (WCWF) -- Funny. Heartwarming. Relatable. Those are the three words that come to mind when watching Green Bay Community Theater's latest show Thanksgiving on Serendipity Lane.

Under the direction of Kristi Skrinska, the cast shines bringing the family dysfunction front and center, just in time for the holidays.

"Audiences will absolutely relate," said Skrinska. "Families are all about love and support, but let's face it, we also drive each other crazy...this family is no exception!"

The story follows Jane and George Fuller (Kathy Treankler and Bill Sergott) a married couple, now empty-nesters, having family Thanksgiving in their new house. The show opens with an exchange between Jane and George, one that many married couples might find very familiar.

"Her [Jane] husband is well....he's such a guy. He doesn't understand her desire to have a lovely dinner, hasn't noticed in 27 years that they have good china, and is bummed that he's going to miss the football game," said Skrinska.

Already making the audiences laugh and relate with Jane and George, it doesn't stop there.

Their daughter (Mariah Morgan Engeldinger) comes home from college, sporting the signature college freshman/millennial style: furry boots, leggings, flannel and hair balled up in a top bun looking like it just survived a tornado. And as happy as they are to see her, she brings a surprise guest that George doesn't approve of: a guy she met in college (Mike Horowitz). Also in tow is the no-filter grandmother (Sonya King) who has to settle for Miller Lite instead of her favorite, Bud Light. Just the start of her holiday being "shot."

Then arrives Jane's son (Kris Holly) and his wife (Jami Thompson) and their spoiled daughter (Mya Ballerstein). Tears already falling the moment they burst through the front door, with the turkey in hand they rush to the kitchen, and the rest is a disaster.

With tensions already high Jane decides to lighten the mood by having everyone tell a story of a "serendipitous event" that happened in their lives. A nice gesture that brings bickering, wise-cracks, yelling and of course...more information than she bargained for.

With real life twists, this show will make you feel like you're a part of this family and will make you laugh the only family and life can.

Taking place in the Fuller's dining and living room, audiences will be able to relate on a different level. The playwright, Kathy Campsure is local. And you don't have to look far for the Northeast Wisconsin just have to look over the mantel at the framed Green Bay Packers jersey.

"The show is special to GBCT because it is locally written it has some great local references like the Schwan's truck, our obsession with football," said Skrinska, "and is a great kickoff to the holidays."

Thanksgiving on Serendipity Lane runs Nov. 9-11 and 15-19 at the Robert Lee Brault Playhouse in downtown Green Bay. Tickets and showtimes can be found by clicking here.

Thanksgiving on Serendipity Lane
Written By: Kathy Campsure
Director: Kristi Skrinska
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Deborah Oettinger
GBCT and the Robert Lee Brault Playhouse is located at 122 N Chestnut Ave, Green Bay, WI 54303.