DC Comics' Mike Grell to come to Powers Comics

DC Comics and Wisconsin native, Mike Grell is helping Powers Comics celebrate Free Comic Book Day on May 6!

Grell will be at Powers Comics from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. signing autographs.

Everyone who comes into the store on Free Comic Book Day will take home 3 free comic books - no purchase necessary.

Details on the signing from Powers Comics Facebook page:

Mike Grell will have prints available. Prices run $15-20 for B&W; $25-30 for color.

He charges $5 per autograph. Any item purchased from him includes the signature at no extra charge.

Sketches are $75 for heads; $150 for full figures. There is a $25 premium for blank sketch covers, so $100/$175 respectively.

There will only be 10 hours for signing and sketching, so advance orders are encouraged and may be placed through his art rep Scott Kress at to be picked up at the store on the day of the show. (Prices are exactly the same).