Catfish Concert without a headliner after Huey Lewis cancels tour dates

Photo Courtesy: MGN

GREENVILLE (WLUK) -- The Greenville Lions Club is scrambling to find a new headliner for its summer Catfish Concert after Huey Lewis canceled his remaining shows for the year.

Bret Michaels and Night Ranger are still set to perform at the July 7 event.

The cancellation comes as Huey Lewis announced he lost most of his hearing, at least temporarily.

"The doctors believe I have Meniere’s disease and have agreed that I can’t perform until I improve," said Lewis in a post on his band's website. "Therefore the only prudent thing to do is to cancel all future shows."

According to the Mayo Clinic, Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear. The clinic says people with the disorder may suffer from vertigo and varying levels of hearing loss.

Catfish Concert organizers say they will make an announcement as soon as they secure a new headliner.

Doors for the show open at 5 p.m. at the Greenville Lions Park

Huey Lewis and The News was also scheduled to perform at the Wisconsin State Fair Aug. 4.