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Bellin Run 2019: Strength training for runners

Bellin Run 2019 Strength training.jpg
Bellin Run 2019: Strength training for runners{ }(WCWF)

The 2019 Bellin Run is right around the corner, and training for runners is well underway. Running Expert Nate Vandervest, of Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, shares why it's important for runners to strength train.

Vandervest says it provides a more well-rounded workout, keeping your mind and body from getting bored. He says it also helps to prevent injury and enhance performance, making you a faster, stronger runner than running alone

Runners often have excuses to avoid strength training. Most fear they will get bulky, but is unlikely is you are running a lot and your program is designed correctly. A runner may gain a pound or two, but their strength, power and speed will improve.

Often, runners think they don’t need to work their legs in addition to running, but a majority of your strength program should focus on legs and hips. The stronger your legs, the faster you’ll become, and minimize your risk of injury. Runners also say they don't want to be sore for their next run. Vandervest says you may initially have a bit of soreness the next day, but when doing a well-designed plan, you'll soon have little to no soreness as you see gains in strength and power.

If someone is looking to get started they should consult with a professional to make sure they are doing the right exercises and doing them correctly.

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The 2019 Bellin Run takes place Saturday, June 8th.