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Touring the Hall of Heroes: DC FanDome's Global Event, Day One

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DC FanDome, Global Experience, wraps Hall of Heroes global event, Sunday, August 23, 2020 (DC Comics)

(WCWF) GREEN BAY -- Day one of the world-wide mega event DC FanDome went off without a hitch! Tour the Hall of Heroes, fans streamed for content reveals, sneak peeks, looks behind-the-scenes... and among so much more- gained insight into the creation of all things DC.

Snyder Cut Justice League

One popular event was the Snyder Cut Justice League, hosted by none other, than Zach Snyder himself. Snyder began the panel by answering questions from fans around the globe, read by the film's cast. When asked if there was a dynamic, important for Justice League to present, Snyder says that a lot of them are alone in their lives. All coming from a place of loneliness or unhappiness, you see growth in the end as the different personalities come together, finding their support- creating a different dynamic.

As many fans anxiously awaited the official Snyder Cut trailer of Justice League, it was leaked hours before the shows panel. Some fans took to social media instantly to share their thoughts on the wrongfully released trailer, while others were upset for the leak and stated to view the trailer live during Snyder's panel.

Divided into four parts, one hour each, the film is said to be released on HBO Max sometime in 2021. Snyder says they will work on a way to bundle the parts together as a full film for those who prefer it. He also says they are figuring out a distribution plan for those without HBO Max, and promises you're going to see it.

The Flash TV Panel

The Flash TV Panel featured cast members among show runner Eric Wallace. Discussing how the Crisis on Infinite Earths broke the season into two parts, it allowed more to develop in the individual characters. Wallace says they were really able to drill down on Barry's character and with dealing with Crisis, while the back half allowed Iris's character to grow. Candace Patton (Iris) describes how the break in the season prevents fatigue for an actor. While a new storyline is emerging for some, others can find rest to free their headspace.

Season 6 explored Iris' character and added detail. Being originally cast in the career of a reporter, Patton says it was nice to come out front in such a male-dominated team, referencing a Charlie's Angels type of vibe.

In the past season, Danielle Nicolet's character, Cecil, has also experienced some growth. In the meta-ways at least. Nicolet says, "It's a blast for me because I got to be a regular person, I got to be an empath then a telepath... now I get to be a meta-attorney too." Giving us a glimpse into the next season, she adds from what she understands there should be some additional shifts as well. But no, she's not turning villain. Nicolet says she has wanted Cecil to be bad for so long because it would be fun, but her character remains good.

On August 25th, 2020, the entire sixth season will be available on Blu-ray and DVD. Among other bonus content, it features an exclusive episode, presented for the first time in black and white: "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach-Noir," narrated by Wallace. The DC FanDome panel shared the sneak peek into the episode. An intense dive into the episode, we learn right away Gypsie is dead, and her father blames Cisco, threatening to murder him.

That may be all we have to share about the show's 25 minute panel this weekend, but there's still more to come. When DC FanDome continues September 12th, 2020- The Flash Panel will be extended another 15 minutes.

Multiverse 101 Panel

Taking a deep dive into the Multiverse, the panel featured Publisher/DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, Warner Bros. Pictures President of DC-Based Film Production Walter Hermata, and DCTV mega-producer Greg Berlanti. The power-trio each gave an in-depth answer to the biggest question-- what is DC Multiverse?

Distinct and unique to DC, Lee says it's the first large work of fiction, based on the idea we're not alone. With infinite realities side by side, there become infinite opportunities to create characters, diversify and differentiate what the audiences want.

Hermata says the multiverse allows for great storytelling, and that not worry about something fitting into any certain continuity. He says it allows them to expand moving forward, trying to keep it simple, it opens doors within a singular universe.

The Crisis finale showed the multiverse is gone, but Berlanti says it's not gone, but many worlds are combined for the books... adding that for The CW- "Those worlds are now one."

In the Tomorrow's Superheroes Panel with Jim Lee, he teases the evolution of the DC Universe. Lee says we're just in the early days of it. What the multiverse does is it gives the freedom to explore different themes and ideas, Lee says, allowing the creator tell the story however they want.

BAWSE DC Universe Women of Color Panel

The BAWSE highlighted female heroes of color within the DC Universe. The panel featured Batwoman's Javicia Leslie, The Flash's Candace Patton, DC's Legends of Tomorrow's Tala Ashe, Black Lightning's Nafessa Williams and Chantel Thuy, SHAZAM's Meagan Good and Titan's Anna Drop and Damaris Lewis.

Speaking about her experience as the first the first black lesbian superhero, Nafessa Williams says its about being a voice for others, that it's in the role you realize the importance and just how much it's needed.

Ashe being the first Muslim-American superhero on television felt the weight of it, says the show also hired a Muslim-American writer. Speaking on the importance of representation, Ashe says when little brown children worldwide can connect to her character, then they have done their job.

Talking about being a boss as a woman of color, Patton points out they are often titled "divas." Being a boss to her means not being afraid to stand up, even if it's considered being difficult. Growing up, Patton was told to be quiet, be grateful, don't ask for too much- just go with the flow. But over the last several years she has been able to find her strength to stand up for herself. She says, "If I have to take on a label as being difficult to be a black woman as a boss, then so be it," adding, it's time to be bosses for each other!

DC FanDome continues Saturday, September 12, 2020 for another 24-hour global experience! With so much more left to explore, it's never too early to start planning your global experience. Head to to learn more!

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