Supper & Support; Help Your Favorite Restaurants With Take-Out

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Statewide mandate causes restaurants to close in-house dining, while some continue to offer take-out options, Tues. March 24, 2020 (WCWF/ Beni Petersen)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Area restaurants are dealing with the change in restrictions from the COVID19 pandemic... struggling to stay open and keep staff employed with take-out service only.

Many restaurants made the decision to close temporarily. Black & Tan in downtown Green Bay is among those. Sharing the news on social media... saying, "... the staff will be utilizing the time to make sure they come back stronger and better than ever."

Most businesses posted hand-made signs on their store-fronts, such as the popular City Deck business- Hagemeister Park, urging customers to consider their other locations for delivery and pick up. Kavarna Coffeehouse says they will be back up and running as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Vintage Cantina's sign gets right to the point, saying, "Closed until the plague has passed."

Still, many restaurants won't let restrictions keep them from serving their customers. Many are offering limited menus, adding items families and those with dietary restrictions are looking for. One place doing so is Republic Chophouse.

Sous Chef Collin Giebel tells me they generally try to avoid take-out orders because fried items tend not to hold well. This is why they will not be utilizing their fryers. While removing those options on the temporary menu, they also added a few new lower priced options.

Chophouse General Manager Heather Mrotek says not being able to have their customers dine-in, they're trying to cater to them anyway they can. They are offering take-out through orders placed on the phone, by email or though GrubHub.

With the virus being a hot-topic, the restaurant has put safety and sanitation as their number one concern.

"We are doing what our industry recommends and what I assume others are doing. If an employee is even a tiny bit sick, we are forcing them to stay home... Extra hand washing, really great communication with our vendors and suppliers to ensure what is coming into this building is safe, because of course the health of our staff, and guests and whole community has been of the utmost importance to us."

A personal concern of Heather's is the Republic employees, as for some of them- it's their only job.

"We are 100% a family.. We have come up with ways to get them in this building if they are comfortable working some hours, to be able to maintain some of their lifestyle, to be able to pay their bills. And have 100% open communication... to be sure they know that, we as a company are 100% here for them and happy to help in any way we can over these uncertain times.."

Republic is also looking to work within the community.

"Our first contact has been with Golden House who we love to be a part of their life. Our Executive Chef Jack Wozniska is (actually there on-site right now) going through their pantry and their frozen goods. Meal-planning with Jessica Dietrik on creative ways to feed them over these hard times."

For the latest on Republic Chophouse hours of take-out operation and menu updates, head to their website and Facebook page.

Numerous other restaurants are working to keep open, using take-out options or third party delivery systems like GrubHub, Door Dash and UberEats. Those delivery parties are also offering free delivery during this time.

So before you just assume, give them a call or check out their Facebook Page- and support local for supper.

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