Meet the Mile musicians: Ben Kunder

Toronto-based Ben Kunder is set to perform at Mile of Music in Appleton this August 2019 (Courtesy: Iona Taberham)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Ahead of the 2019 Mile of Music Festival taking place in Appleton, we wanted to meet some of the artists set to perform.

Ben Kunder is a Toronto-based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His style of music changes from song to song, but is generally considered folk-pop/Americana.

Currently, he has many musical inspirations.

"It's the relationships that I have," he said. "My relationship to nature, and wanting to be more active in the world and making positive change. And my family, my kids, my partner. The effects that has on my life; and the time that I lose because of that, and the love that I gain because of that."

His musical influences come from then-and-now, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Brown, The Bends, Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell and Kathleen Edwards.

This will not only be Ben's first time at the Mile of Music festival, but his first festival in the United States!

"It's always about connecting with new people through music and through storytelling. So I'm just excited to connect to new fans and other artists," he said. "It seems like festival for the people. It's for the community and they really take care of their artist, so I just feel like it's going to be a beautiful few days."

If you haven't heard Ben's music before, he suggests you listen to "Better Days" off of the album Better Human.

"It's about life as an artist, life on the road. But it's also about anybody who has a passion or ambition and trying to struggle through that. How it affects your relationships and the people around you, and just how it's never easy to follow your dreams. There's always going to be obstacles, but it's worth it you know -- gotta take risks in life," he said.

If you haven't seen his show before, he says you can expect a versatile show that is dynamic with high energy and storytelling. Ben's new album will be released early 2020, with new singles coming out in the fall. He will also play unreleased singles during his performance at the Mile.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what the reaction is to my new music, and sort of getting a taste of my new show and how the audience would react to it," he said. "And then again, I'm just looking forward to connecting with a new audience and other artists, and hopefully building relationships for the future."

Be sure to follow Ben on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find his music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube. For more information, head to his website.

FOX 11 and CW 14 are proud to be official media partners of Mile of Music. Ben Kunder is set to play seven shows during the music festival! For the schedule and a full lineup of artists, head to the Mile of Music website.