GALLERY: People get creative at Winterfest On Broadway

Winterfest on Broadway, Green Bay. Jan. 25, 2020 (WCWF/ Beni Petersen)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- Winterfest on Broadway went off without a hitch for another year! Although the gloomy day with light rain took away from the true winter feel, it sure didn't stop locals from attending the winter celebration.

The event included an array of businesses and non-profits located in the Broadway District of downtown Green Bay. Shops along the street held Winterfest sales, while bars and restaurants offered Winterfest discounts and even a "Soup Stop!" Some offered creative activities and raffles. Aside from the businesses, non-profits could be seen with tents and pop-up shops, spreading knowledge of what they're trying to achieve in the community.

In the Winterfest Market, there were a variety of different advocates. The Salvation Army Kroc center, Homeless Shelter, and even a group of UWGB students spreading awareness about "Love your Melon" and the events they hold to raise funds for the cause.

Down a little further, I came across an art non-profit's pop-up shop. Temporarily located in the former space of Wild Ginger, the decorations in the window are what grabbed my attention. Interested in what was "in-store", I stepped inside.

The group is called SAGE Green Bay (i.e: Share, Accept, Grow, Encourage). Inside there were various make-and-take stations, with arts and artists of all kinds. I spoke to SAGE Vice President, Melissa Bohrtz, who describes SAGE as ".. a group of artisans and makers that support each other and try to get art into the community."

Looking to get community involvement, each artist had their own station for quick, affordable make-and-takes. Art activities included stitching your own crystal patch, making a collage, drawings, crafting wood ornaments and magnets and more!

As one SAGE artist mentioned to me; anyone can create art- and everyone is an artist.

Other artists tell me about their experience with SAGE at events in the area, as they aim to spread the creativity and grow the community.

SAGE doesn't have a permanent home. Instead, SAGE participates in a number of events throughout the year, moves around to different spaces in the community. Their next location will be at the ART Garage.

SAGE artists will also take time hosting pop-up events for little to no charge. Melissa says, " We want it to be affordable to have people in the community show their art, to do art, to support each other in their art endeavors." Their overall goal is to be a presence in the community for people to come and do art.

SAGE's next event will be this weekend, Saturday, February 1st. It will be their 3rd Annual SAGE Maker Destash Sale. This is where group artists have gone through their excess art supplies, and are selling them! If you're looking to get into a new craft, this would be a great opportunity to get new supplies while meeting with experienced artists. This will take place at Cura Coffeehouse inside the Central Library. For more information on that event, click here.

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