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GALLERY: Area Businesses Offer Messages of Hope

The HOPE mural off Broadway in west Green Bay seems more relevant than ever during the pandemic. Sunday, May 3, 2020 (WCWF/ Beni Petersen)

(WCWF) GREEN BAY -- Businesses in the Green Bay area have decorated their windows, offering messages of hope during this time of crisis.

Tarlton Theatre changed its event board, stating:

"We’re with you Green Bay

We’re with you world"

And on the east side, Meyer Theatre set its LCD display to share an array of messages:

  • “Keep your neighbors employed, buy local”
  • “Take care of yourselves, and each other!”
  • “Support local restaurants, take out!”
  • “Thank You GB Health Care Workers!”

In addition, the theatre includes shows for the month of May are either canceled or postponed at this time. Check their website for updates.

Downtown restaurant Republic Chophouse decorated their front windows -- reminding us of the beauty of spring, they say, “Bee the sunshine.”

Black Saddle - a newer addition to the downtown bar scene - offers their support with an array of messages:

“Alone together"

“Spread kindness, not COVID"

Being closed under Governor Tony Evers' order, they also say, “We miss you” to their customers, and share gratitude for those working during this time.

Meanwhile, Hyatt Regency Green Bay devotes their street-facing window rooms to a sign that says more than words:

Windows lit in the shape of a heart can put a smile on anyone’s face as people and cars pass down Walnut street.

Also seen around town ... pickets and signs of #KeepOnWI.

The campaign uses the hasttag #KeepOnWI to help unite Wisconsinites during this pandemic. Bringing inspiration and hope in the midst of uncertainty, the goal is to strengthen the community and uplift the human spirit through the long days ahead.

Messages include:

  • “Keep On Wisconsin”
  • "Keep On doing all the right and safe things"
  • "Keep On fighting the good fight"
  • "Keep On believing"
  • "Keep On offering kind and generous deeds"
  • "Keep On adapting to whatever is next"

The movement extends across Wisconsin. Learn more by visiting

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