The CW 14 Minute; June 28th, 2019

GREEN BAT (WCWF) -- I'm Beni Petersen and I’m happy to bring you the latest in CW 14 news. My background is in videography and photography, and I look forward to sharing all the sights of Northeast Wisconsin with you.

In CW news; Monday at 7, it's a brand new episode of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, featuring magicians including Arkadia, Harry Keaton, Jandro, and Derek Selinger.

Following that is a brand new episode of Whose Line is it Anyway, with guest comedian, Jonathan Mangum.

We turn now to fan reaction in voting for the Teens Choice Awards..

In this twitter thread, "Spider Fran" goes on to list numerous reasons why she voted for Brandon Routh for Choice Action TV Actor. She ends with kind words, saying Routh "deserves the win not only for playing a wholesome, intelligent, loving and strong man on TV, but for being one in real life."

And is Marc Guggenheim giving fans the ultimate tease? Guggenheim took to twitter, showing the work has indeed begun on the long awaited CW crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths. The show is expected to hit screens this fall on CW 14.

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