CW 14 60: Nancy Drew Crew On The Books

Nancy Drew Interview.jpg
Interview with Kennedy McMann and Scott Wolf about the brand new CW series, Nancy Drew, Friday, October 18, 2019 (CW video)

(WCWF) -- Nancy Drew is one of the most iconic detectives in fiction. In an interview with the CW, show stars tell us how the original books influence the series

Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew) says, "Our Nancy Drew is a modern re-imaging of the books, using sort of as a launching point- really taking a lot of inspiration from the source material, but then putting her and her stories and the mysteries and this cast of characters in modern day and seeing how that plays, then adding this supernatural element to the whole thing."

Scott Wolf (Carson Drew) adds, "Yeah and in the books there was always these illusions to energies, dark forces, sort of scary spooky things that Nancy could sense- and in our incarnation of telling the story, we get to see all those things and what they look like for better or worse."

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