CW Minute; October 11, 2019

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CW14 Minute

(WCWF) -- The new series Batwoman has officially premiered... and with any superhero action show, there are a lot of fight sequences! In an interview with the CW, show stars Rachel Skarsten and Meagan Tandy give a little insight.

Skarsten says, "I typically tend to leave most of the stunts up to- we both have stunt doubles- I leave mine up to my very talented stunt double.”

Tandy adds, “I like the fight sequences because I'm just a naturally very active person and so anytime I get to go in there and jump and kick punk throw me in. But when it comes to the stunts, you know obviously if there's just something just absolutely insane, like I always just have my stunt double. I'm just like girl, get in there and do it, they're the professionals.”

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