CW Minute; August 23, 2019

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CW14 Minute

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- You know the stars of your favorite CW shows but how well do they know each other?

New videos on twitter put cast members to the test. Do they know their co-stars favorite movies; go-to dance moves; guilty pleasures? Featuring the casts of Riverdale, Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and The 100 – these videos a lot of fun, and I’ve collected them all- click here to check them out for yourself!

Meanwhile, Cancer Gets Lost with an online charity auction! In this tweet, we see Supergirl original sketches donated by the Supergirl staff!

TV Writers Room Doodles Charity Auction features custom doodles sketches and more from more than 35 different TV shows! Other CW shows donating sketches include Arrow, Black Lightning, The Flash, Supernatural and The 100.

Proceeds from the auction benefit the childhood cancer charity, The Pablove Foundation. For more information on posting a bid- head to

Charmed star Sarah Jeffrey's song "Queen Of Mean" made it on the Billboard top 50! Previously, her song was at 67, and during her second week on the chart made it to #49! Sarah Jeffrey took to twitter on the matter, sharing her gratitude.

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