CW Minute; August 2, 2019

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CW14 Minute

GREEN BAY (WCWF) -- It's a week you won't want to miss on CW14!

Tuesday night at 8, it's the season finale of The 100! Watch as the Sanctum becomes a battleground and mystery of the anomaly, deepens.

And Wednesday at 7, it's the series premiere of the action-packed cop-drama Bulletproof. New to the U.S., show star Noel Clarke took to twitter telling Americans, " The show broke grounds in many ways over in the U.K. I promise you'll love it."

But that's not all! Following that is the season premiere of the comedy game show, Hypnotize Me! Hosted by the one and only Taye Diggs. Catch all the laughs, Wednesday nights at 8.

Meanwhile, Mile of Music kicked off in Appleton this weekend! Attendees can enjoy original music from more than 200 performing artists. The event runs until Sunday, August 4th. Make your way there today, and be sure to stop by one of our stages at "The Bar on The Avenue" and at the "Fox River House" and say hi!

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