CW 14 60: Directorial debut for The 100's Lindsey Morgan, Summer shows wrap on The CW

Show star Lindsey Morgan gets a directorial debut in season 7 of The 100 (Photo credit: @MirandaKwok88)

(WCWF) GREEN BAY -- Tuesday night DC's Stargirl continues with “Shiv Part Two.” Show star Brec Bassinger took to Twitter giving us this look behind the scenes.

She says due to weather, filming this fight-scene took over two weeks! Watch the J.S.A. go undercover, Tuesday at 7 on CW 14.

Last week’s episode of The 100 featured show star Lindsey Morgan taking a turn ,on the *other side of the camera!

Co-star Lee Majdoub tweeted saying she did a fantastic job directing, and it was great to see her in that role. To which she humbly replied, “I was blessed with a phenomenal cast, crew and writers.”

Catch The 100 Wednesdays at 7.

Meanwhile, Thursday night it’s the wrap for two shows on CW 14. Catch the season finale’s of Burden of Truth at 7, and In The Dark at 8.

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