CW 14 60: Looking ahead to DC FanDome!

DC FanDome, 2020 (DC Comics)

(WCWF) GREEN BAY -- DC’s Stargirl wrapped its first season on The CW. Sharing their gratitude, show stars took to Twitter following the finale.

Brec Bassinger says, “Thank You so much to everyone who watched it. This show and every person involved means so much to me. And we get to do it again!”

And Hunter Sansone tweeted, “Thank you to an amazing cast, an amazing crew and all of YOU amazing fans. This is just the beginning”

Special videos for DC Fandom tell fans, it’s time to suit up!

CW stars that participated include the new Batwoman Javicia Leslie; Stargirl; Black Lightning ... and fans from around the world!!

Free for all fans, the DC Fandom 24-hour experience kicks off Saturday, August 22nd at

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