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CW 14 60: Kick off Superfan week with a *big bang, Canadian-original's heartfelt values

The Big Bang Theory presents "Superfan week!" Countdown the ten fan-favorite episodes beginning Monday, 6 and 6:30p on CW 14 (Courtesy: @bigbangtheory, Twitter)

(WCWF) GREEN BAY -- After sweeping the Emmy’s, Canadian-original Schitt’s Creek made their broadcast debut on CW 14!

Sharing how the show represents everything that is good, Show creator Eugene Levy says for those who share the same values, they will love the show.

“It’s been a big bonus in a lot of people’s lives. And that makes us feel incredibly great, and I’m hoping it has the same effect on everybody who starts watching this for the very first time.”

Schitt’s Creek airs weeknights at 10:30 on CW 14.

Starting Monday, The Big Bang Theory presents Superfan week! Countdown the 10 favorite episodes, as decided by fans!

And, every day brings an opportunity to win. Beginning Monday, go to The Big Bang Theory’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and take the superfan quiz! If you answer correctly, you could win $500!

Watch the favorite episodes all week at 6 and 6:30 on CW 14.

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