CW 14 60: - Crisis On Infinite Earths, the comic book!

Crsiis Comic Books.png
Crisis On Infinite Earths comic book cover. The finished project is set to hit store shelves January 15, 2020. (Courtesy: Twitter / @JerryOrdway)

GREEN BAY (WCWF) --There's a new way to experience Crisis On Infinite Earths!

Two tie-in comic books will offer new stories, written by showrunner Marc Guggenheim, and the writer on the original series, Marv Wolfman. You can pick up the first issue on January 15th at your local comic book store.

Meanwhile, we take our first look into the brand new series, "Stargirl!" Starring Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson. The official trailer shows the teen discovering a secret... and becoming a new kind of hero. "Stargirl" will premiere on CW 14 in Spring 2020.

And a congrats to "Supergirl!" The show is celebrating 100 episodes this week! David Harwood posted this selfie with his co-stars, sharing their excitement!

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