Creative in the Community: The Draw and its environment of artists

The Draw and it's environment of artists, March 2, 2020 (WCWF/ Beni Petersen)

APPLETON (WCWF) -- Located in Appleton, The Draw is a environment consisting of workspaces and offices for multi-platform artists, an art gallery and a collaborative space specifically for creation. It's a home for creatives off all kinds; musicians, painters, photographers, an ad agency, a therapist, even a barber and tattoo artist! They believe in coming together and sharing passions, and making where they live as vibrant as possible. John Adams runs The Draw, and describes what the space is all about.

"For me it's all about creation, it's all about like ideas and playing with that. I always say it's like my little playground, it's like our little space... it's a space for, we really wanted it to be a space where people could try out new ideas inside the creative. Whether it's workshops, or performance ideas or new works of art... We're kind of that testing ground of places, just to throw around ideas and be able to explore."

Talking about art in the community, John says there have been some issues with public art, such as sculptures and murals, not being as accepted as one would hope, due to the concepts and ideas behind them.

" I think when it's outside someone's comfort zone, they tend to take a step back right now. And I think we're getting a little bit of that, where we started being a little safe and now we're starting to get a little more adventurous with our public art- which I think is great- but I don't know if the community is necessarily accepting it the way that we thought they might."

John says they're always looking to grow with the community and really understand what it is the community, the people, organizations and non-profits want.

"We really do love being a part of this community, and think that we're a little bit of a hub in this area for that. And who knows, I think it's just a matter of time before it either evolves into something else... I think it's just a matter of what the community kind of tells us they want us to be."

The Draw hosts numerous events throughout the year. From live music, poetry readings, markets, and of course- art galleries, the Draw is always open to hosting events to involve the community.

"I really encourage people to come to me with ideas and questions and ‘oh I wanna do this project and see where that leads’ cause fairly rarely have we said no to an idea. We’re pretty open with that kind of thing..." John says, "We really want people to be able to have something that they’re feeling like the community would like and accept and for it to go over really well."

Upcoming galleries include a Women's Work Art Gallery; an Appleton North project featuring local women and their talents. Coming at a later date will be the styles of two new artist galleries featuring abstract contemporary work by artists Tony Conrad and Mariana Russell.

"We keep it going with lots of different stuff, and again we're always interested in doing something new."

For more information on events and how you can get involved; head to their facebook page or their website, For everything CW and more, including my five things to do this weekend, follow me on social media @BeniPetersenTV.